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You can create and optimize your content for the web by using this free SEO writing assistant. If you are visiting our site for the first time, we would recommend that you scroll down and read the best practices for getting an amazing SEO-worthy piece of content.

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When publishing SEO-friendly content, follow these 5 rules

  1. Use appropriate tags for headlines and sub-headings.
  2. Add Internal links to previous content on your website or to other relevant pages.
  3. Include external links to relevant resources.
  4. Add images to your post. Make sure to include caption and Alt Text for images.
  5. Make sure your slug is SEO friendly


How to use Free SEO Writing Assistant

Step - 1

Register and Login on to start using this free SEO Writing Assistant Tool. 

Step - 2

Research and identify your keyword using Free Keyword Research Tool . 

Step - 3

Use the create content icon next to your keyword, it will bring you directly to SEO Writing Assistant page with pre populating your selected keyword.

Step - 4

Write your catchy meta title,  well-explained meta description and an outstanding content.

Step - 5

Once you are ready to check your score, click Submit. The system will analyze your content against your keyword and will provide you necessary recommendations with the SEO score for the content. 


At DOT SEO TOOLS, we leverage the expertise of multiple data providers to provide accurate estimations and insights. Our reliable data providers are comparable to those used by other leading SEO tools in the industry. We ensure that our data is trustworthy, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your SEO strategies with confidence. Rest assured, our commitment to delivering high-quality data remains unwavering.

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NO. NEVER! You have to pay for using any of our tools as we have an amazing FREE plan, which will remain FREE forever. Simply sign up and start using the SEO tools. To keep the tools free for you, we run ads.

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