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How does Keyword Research Tool work?

We have made this simple and 100% free Keyword Research Tool that can trace organic traffic of any keyword along with showing 100+ related keywords or keyword suggestions. The most extensive data comes with valuable insights like organic keyword difficulty, paid keyword competition, and the cost per click(CPC).

STEP -01

Enter the KEYWORD (ex-best SEO company), select the country and language from the drop-down.

STEP -02

Check the "I am not a robot" tick box and press the "SEARCH" button

STEP -03

Get the insightful data for the primary keyword as well as for the 100 most related keyword suggestions.

Reasons to use free keyword research tool

1. It’s Free 

    The best thing about this tool is you don’t need to provide any kind of payment details to use this amazing tool for your keyword research. Furthermore, it saves time. All you need to do is go to the keyword research tool and type in the word/phrase you're looking for. It’s free and user-supported. However, we run ads on the site and accept donations to support the tool.

    2. Customize Your Keyword Research Tool

    The best thing about this research tool is the ability to customize it as per country as well as the language. So, you can use this option to search for keywords most used by your target audience. The Keyword Research Tool supports all the countries and languages. 

    3. Monthly Search Volume

    You can use the Keyword Research Tool as a Keyword Traffic Estimator tool as well. This lets you know the amount of search done on your keywords. Following this, you can use the data to estimate the traffic potential of your site.

    This method helps in shortening the amount of time it takes to sort out relevant keywords and helps prioritize the right content.

    4. Explore the Paid Competition for a Particular Keyword

    Another handy asset of this free Keyword Research Tool is the ability to see the paid competition of each keyword. There are some words that have a high amount of competition and it might not be feasible for you in the long run. This tool uses Google AdWords to decide these important data.

    Furthermore, it helps in accessing which words are of value to your site by bringing in more AdSense value. So, if a keyword has low-paid competition, it can easily rank with ads.

    5. Use CPC to Plan and Prioritize Keywords

    CPC Keywords help the publisher enjoy substantial revenue as a publisher. It's basically the Cost Per Click, or the amount that advertisers pay to the advertising platforms for the number of clicks on their ads. It will be very useful for you to decide on the ad targeting.

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    At DOT SEO TOOLS, we leverage the expertise of multiple data providers to provide accurate estimations and insights. Our reliable data providers are comparable to those used by other leading SEO tools in the industry. We ensure that our data is trustworthy, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your SEO strategies with confidence. Rest assured, our commitment to delivering high-quality data remains unwavering.

    Yes, Please. These are user-supported tools. We would love to hear your feedback on how the tools can be improved. What you need to do is just send us your recommendations at support[at]

    NO. NEVER! You have to pay for using any of our tools as we have an amazing FREE plan, which will remain FREE forever. Simply sign up and start using the SEO tools. To keep the tools free for you, we run ads.

    However, if you desire even more data and advanced features with ads-free experience, you can upgrade to our affordable monthly or yearly plans for an enhanced SEO experience. The choice is yours to unlock the full potential of DOT SEO TOOLS. To upgrade please write us at support[at]

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